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Q: Do you buy houses in
  my price range?


  A: We buy houses in every price range. No matter if you live in a 900 square
  foot house, valued at $20,000, or if you live in a 5,000 square foot house,
  valued at much more, or anything in between. WE BUY HOUSES
  in all conditions and sizes. And price range....... Just give us a call.


Q: Do you buy pretty houses, or do you only buy ugly ones?


  A: WE BUY HOUSES in any and every condition. WE BUY HOUSES that are in need of light repairs, heavy repairs, or no repairs at all. No matter if they are
ugly or georgous. If you need to sell. Just call for an


Q: Who will handle all
  the paperwork?


  A: We will handle all the paperwork, free of charge. There is no cost to the


Q: Do you buy mobile


  A: Yes, we do buy mobile homes, manufactured homes, modular homes, frame built homes, block homes, homes on stilts, old homes, new homes. Any kind of home you can think of.


Q: I'm out of state. Can
  you still buy my home, and will I be required to come to Florida?


  A: Yes, we can still buy your home if you are out of state, or out of the
  country for that matter! We will handle all of the paperwork in a matter of a
  few days, making it as easy and convenient for you as possible, without you
  leaving the comfort of you immediate area!

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